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What is it.

THE WILDFYRE FUND is formed in 2022 to help nurture emerging bloggers and foster next-level Filipino Bloggers.

The format involves asking participating bloggers to pass challenges given by our subject matter experts.

What happens to the winners.

There will be 20 winners per year. To jumpstart their blogging career, the winner will receive a grant composed of a custom website and social media page co-managed by the Wildfyre team.

The winners will also receive mentorship about various digital marketing concepts from SEO, content creation, and social media. The website and social media assets of the winning blogger will be managed by a digital team to post regular content and ensure pageviews.

How to join.

Interested parties will have to fill up a form to show interest.

Interested parties must submit an essay on why they should be the next blogger to watch out for and why blogging is important to them. Based on the essay, the participants will be further screened, and those who pass the screening will proceed to do blogging tasks.

Are you ready to join?

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Click on the link below and fill out the form. Our team will review your entry and contact you once the screening starts.